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Yes, we do develop web sites, but it's really more than that. We apply our expertise in web communications and development to create the most effective solutions for our clients.

So what does that mean? By putting ourselves in the shoes of the people who will visit your site, we can assemble the information the best possible way-using intuition and creativity-creating a unique experience that speaks to your audience.

Because we take this focused approach to design and architecture, your clients will inevitably spend more time on your site, have a more positive impression of your company, and be more likely to do business with your organization.


We take a holistic approach to project planning and always measure the results by asking: "Does this improve the user's experience and understanding?"

Responsive Design

We design simple, engaging, user experiences, all from a mobile-first perspective. We use standards-compliant code to build clean and functional websites that are beautiful across all devices

Social Media

Your audience is spending more and more time online. Social Media Marketing finds them where they are and speaks to them in their language

Your Helpdesk

Think of us as your technology helpdesk. We‘ll answer any technical questions you have, and show you how to use our solutions like a pro

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Founded in 2000 mgwebcraft is a web site development firm specializing in web communications and development. We love what we do and where we live. And it shows in our work!

Leveraging over 20 years experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, quality assurance, systems development and web application programming, we have developed web sites, corporate intranets and on-line applications.

It often surprises people to find a company like ours based in Dundas. Nestled in the shadow of the Niagara escarpment, Dundas nurtures our creativity, and physically, it keeps us fit with its kilometers of wooded trails for hiking, running and biking.

We're passionate about what we do, so we're always up on the latest developments and this keeps our clients ahead of the game. And most importantly, we strive to serve each client as if they are our only client — to help them succeed on line.

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